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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Verizon Prepaid Portable Mobile Charger Blackberry Cell Phones Review

Portable models of mobile wireless charger for Blackberry devices (BB) Bold and Curve series. You can easily bring it anywhere and can use it anytime. This model is suitable for those of you who have high mobility.

The workings of the Portable Mobile Charger Blackberry: 
Put the Blackberry charger adapter into this portable battery until the LED indicator shows the 4 LED lights (means: your phone battery in fully charged condition).

Then, if the indicator LED lights up only 2 LEDs course this means your phone battery is charged 50%. And the LED indicator is not lit, it indicates your phone battery is empty. To view the battery LED indicator, you just press the button on the right above (there are signs of the battery). When the battery Blackberry (BB) you're low bat, plug in a portable mobile charger to the phone, then your BB will have the energy anymore.

Portable Mobile Charger Blackberry specifications as follows:

Size: 61 x 53 x 17 mm, Weight: 53 grams; Capacity: 1500mAh, Input Voltage: 5.5V + - 0.5V, Output Voltage: 5V + - 0.5V, Input Current: 500mA MAX; Output Current: 800mA MAX; and Charging time: 2 to 3 hours.

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