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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Verizon Prepaid TiPhone T35 Three Card Review

Views are beautiful and rich mobile entertainment make this latest TiPhone interesting to diulik. just want to know what's going on in this low-cost mobile phone? Form of a candy bar had still chosen TiPhone QWERTY keypad for hape new. This design still favored by many people, because it allows typing SMS messages at once looks like a BlackBery.

Marketed with an attractive color casing, which is white and white-purple-orange, the color accent is located on the main button (navigation, dial on, dial off) and the phone.

It looks more refreshing and appropriate for teenagers. The selling price of the affordable segment disasarnya further strengthening. Shiny plastic casing that protects the inside of the phone pretty slippery to hold. It is better to be given a protective casing that are not easily separated from his grasp. Moreover, dominant white color casing can be quickly dirty if not shielded.

At the front, there are 2-inch screen, QWERTY keypad, and several other buttons in the middle. The screen is held not too large, but the proportions are balanced with dimensions hape. Hape SIM cards3 pieces has two dial buttons on for 2 SIM active. Indeed, the three card users can only activate two cards, but can be chosen and replaced as needed. Besides, there are also keyboard shortcuts to Yahoo, e-books, and analog TV.

Left front views QWERTY keypad underneath. Line buttons have a large enough size. Although soft pressed, this button is a bit difficult because the surface is too slippery. All around the phone body, smooth look without the buttons. Only a SIM card slot 3 on the right side and two ports (audio jack and a microSD) on his left side. on the back of the camera lens and holes there are speakers that are configured circle.


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