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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Barnes & Noble NOOK COLOR WiFi eBook Reader Tablet

No one takes you to read our VividView life like? The main color touchscreen. Display on the screen that has a rich high-resolution backlit which can use more than 16 million colors to explain some of the stunning images and clear text and sharp images every day to be able to read easily or if the night. 8GB of built-in memory can be used to store up to 6,000 phone book, or a combination that might include the 1000 phone book, 25 full-color magazine, 10 kinds of newspapers and news, book collection of 50 stories for children, 500 pieces of songs and 150 photos or images. If you run out of space? Slip in a MicroSD memory card serves to save even more than what we know. This NOOKbooks you can have forever. You can just upgrade to the corner, then you can also replace a lost corner or you are using NOOKapps facilities are available for free from our products to read on other mobile devices - a phone book in your possession will be stored securely and you can also download anytime , and anywhere.

NookColor can be used by you to go beyond the literature that comes with a built-in connection ours that is Wi-Fi. Exploring several websites, check your email that has been active, reading a favorite blog or a search on Google it can only be done with just one touch. Check back and you can have a little fun by using an array of exclusive NOOKextras growth. Quiz or Crossword puzzles, Sudoku, Chess and Pandora Internet Radio on the one extra that can please you to search a variety of experiences in NookColor. Bring you drill down into all the corners or NookColor into any Barnes & Noble stores to get an exclusive articles from some of the famous writer or already known, and there are also great bargains including by treating some of the cafes and unique offering. Read more books for free on your Nook or NookColor up to one hour per day at a time when you connect to the store free Wi-Fi access. Includes a SanDisk which has a capacity of 1GB microSD card expansion.

The advantages of Barnes & Noble Nook Features COLOR WiFi Tablet eBook Reader
  • The touch screen has a size of up to a cute 7-inch color
  • Provides several magazines and newspapers in a variety of colors, and there are also children's books that can be life
  • You can access to more than 2 million titles at your fingertips with ease
  • There are social media, web surfing, some games, you can even listen to music
  • Installed facilities "Built-in WiFi"


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