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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Verizone Prepaid Cell Phones

Before I invite and encourage you to buy "Verizon prepaid cell phone", here I will give an idea as what and how the workings of these VZ. In a world that is very broad and without boundaries, all people will have difficulties in communicating let alone long-distance communication. Because only with communications everyone can recognize and know the conditions, circumstances and characteristics of someone much there.

Judging from the background, a U.S. telecommunications company that has facilitated the international standard with the launch and offers a prepaid phone products to everyone in this world who can rely on them in order to facilitate communication between the individual or individuals with other people even though the distance is very far. Communication tool is known as "Verizon Prepaid Cell Phones" or many people call as "Hand Phone Prepaid VZ". VZ prepaid phone company was formed through a partnership of two largest telecommunications companies in the United States is the result of a joint venture between the companies 'Verizon Communications by Vodafone', which is headquartered or based in Basking Ridge, NJ.

Cell Phone Prepaid VZ has several advantages that are not all owned by other phone as a prepaid package service features both a minute phone calls or any form of text messages penny and have the biggest and widest network in that country, offered by only 25 cents per minute, with no access fee every day, offers four plans 'Pay As You Go', offers 10 cents per minute for calls with 99% cost of access in each day, offering a call plus 5 cents per minute with a charged access costs of $ 1.99 per day, equipped with a conversation every night without limits and discussion in the weekends that start at 9 pm, offers a talk and mobile Unlimited minutes are limited and a text message 1 cent at a cost of $ 3.99 per day, and Verizon Cell Phones also has the option of a monthly fee that ranges between $ 44.99 until 94.99 for 450 minutes which is limited, and VZ Prepaid Phone is almost identical to the type of phone VZ postpaid in wearing an additional cost of $ 5 per month like the type of SmartPhone. Then VZ phone has several specifications that complete than other phones and have a variety of special accessories and interesting to your liking.

In each phone in addition there is an excess or shortage must also have weaknesses. The same goes for Verizon prepaid phone or VZ is that has some weaknesses such as: if you want to pick the phone you must dare to reach the pockets or spend a little deeper because the start of activation VZ phone to feature settings and the addition of other facilities that you need , so of course you can spend more.

I once had this VZ prepaid phone, it's true the purchase price is quite expensive because of all the services contained in it is always a fairly large pocket. However, you do wrong you know ... although expensive you can feel the satisfaction of these VZ prepaid phone features when compared with buying a phone that cost is relatively cheap and of course the goods are too market.


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