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Friday, December 30, 2011

Verizon Prepaid HTC G1 Google Android Unlocked Phone with Android OS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3MP Camera, MicroSD Expansion - US Warranty (Black)

Long-awaited T - Mobile G1 smart phone, the number of Google tools Google Maps Street View Gmail, and a full touch screen functionality and a QWERTY keyboard on the Touch, including Google search, have begun to rely on your PC to a mobile Web experience, which includes. It provides an intuitive interface easily customizable home page of a new system of support through the Google Android operating system open source, is the first mobile phone.

If you have those games, social networking applications, software, G1, and this is to go shopping, buy software Optional personal electronics market. 3.2-inch bright color touch screen in addition, G1 sliding, full QWERTY keyboard on the display screen outside the hinge to open and to prevent accidental dialing. This is a new 3G network and develop, T-runs - mobile phone, and your wireless network or hotspot and surf the hands free communication and stereo music streaming Bluetooth network, to provide Wi - Fi. Another feature of the 3-megapixel still images and video cameras, digital audio player (and easy access to Amazon MP3 store), and approximately 5 hours of talk time and includes a camera.

And T - Mobile G1 smart phone is also a good idea. It is about 2 to about 2 ½ years, however, note that the world's first Android phone. To understand about people who complain about battery life, batteries typically used for tons of Android phones, but no application for Windows to create the kind of help. Indicates that the high level functions, such as killer that I downloaded the Android market. Phone in a way that moves the computer. How much memory and battery if they have open applications continue running in the background. G1 is still a great phone with a new robot, but. The top of the line, but then began two years ago, so far so fast that people are looking for.

An integral part of the product (ie, the stock comes with wall charger and the phone) is. This is the damage (ie damage to the charging and burning most of it is impossible to use a USB cable), they will not return. Finally, I was told that he would give me back 50%. Do not order through this guy, he's honest.

About six months after I bought the phone to come out first, and I never like that. Two years later, especially in new and more mobile android, some began to show its age, but that does not mean outdated, but I (e-mail, web, video, navigation, everything connected / Maps, SMS, and calls phone). I run it as well as applications for Facebook and Twitter, the use, but some people, the most recent applications, the most important resources a little slower.

$ 500, such as the cost that you can see and move to the Galaxy, if you are budget conscious, if only a smart phone to check email on a mobile computer, lightning - not looking for speed, phone guidance, intelligent and navigation, rather than games and occasionally surf the web , not the best option for this phone, phones that use a phone.


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