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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Verizon Prepaid Nexian C701 VS Hitz i-Mobile 182 Cell Phones

Duel 2 Cell Phone Mini QWERTY On Bundling
Both types of cell phones are equally as mobile phone displays a mini-QWERTY keypad, and both are ready at the test of appeal. The equation of the two types of cell phone is on Bundling with CDMA operator, Nexian using Esia and i-Mobile to use Smart.

Nexian Series C701 and i-Mobile 182 has the charm and appeal of each, which features a Qwerty keypad and a lot of complete nan will definitely make you all hooked or terpincut want to have it as a sole tool for communication.

The ability to do social networking between the two Verizon cell phone is very reliable, as well as to perform Chat or facebook.

Somewhat puzzled indeed to determine the fall-out choice between the two types of cell phones is because they both display the powerful and mini Qwerty keypad as well as having social networking facilities, cameras, music and many other features.
However, between these two types of cell phone is one that has some advantages in comparison sub like Nexian C701 has good design while Hitz i-Mobile just ordinary design, Application Chat (Messenger) Nexian better, but in terms of entertainment (MP3 Player) and memory capacity Hitz i-Mobile is superior.

Well, maybe now you can make a choice right??? And be quick about making your purchase online to be able to have a Verizon Prepaid Cell Phones 2011 of your choice .... Okay ...!!


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