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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Verizon Prepaid AT&T Cingular Samsung MYTHIC A897 Cell Phone MP3 Camera

With one-touch access to features including AT & T Mobile TV and social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace, Mythic Samsung for AT & T is a portable entertainment powerhouse. It features a 3.3-inch touch screen with virtual keyboard and innovative Samsung TouchWiz user interface, which allows you to simply drag and drop widgets to your favorite features and the most frequently used and functions in your phone's home screen.

This phone can quickly download video, music and more through the network of AT & T 3G HSPDA lightning fast. And Mythic is the latest AT & T Mobile TV-capable devices, which allow you to subscribe to access around-the-clock for full-length simulcast and time-shifted from the FLO TV programming, including channels such as CBS Mobile, CNN Mobile, Comedy Central, FOX News and movie channels Crackle. GPS-enable phone can access the AT & T Navigator service for turn-by-turn directions and Video Share services company, which allows you to send video of yourself to another compatible phone while making voice calls.

Other features include pre-loaded with the application of social networks, 3.2-megapixels a camera / camcorders, the digital audio players, Bluetooth connectivity for the handsfree device and stereo of music streaming, microSD memory expansion, multi-lingual text display, and up to 3 hours of talk time.


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