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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Verizon Prepaid HTC Freestyle Phone (AT&T)

Premium design with a display measuring 3.2-inch touchscreen display is encased in an aluminum unibody construction, the HTC Freestyle is the kind of first-generation Smartphone newest quick messaging phone from AT & T for use on the Brew Mobile Platform. Brew MP operating system uses that allows AT & T in the development of software tools to facilitate the offering smartphones like to have the applications they want, at affordable prices with comprehensive features for messaging phone.

HTC is the first brand of AT & T phone that can send quick messages to all the features to get a new experience in mobile HTC Sense, the feature is a feature that has been customized widgets and other applications such as FriendStream to menhintegrasikan into social networking using Facebook and Twitter . HTC Freestyle Phone (AT & T) also offers a facility HTML browser full to display the PC such as browsing the web and suites equipped from the selection of the incoming message includes the text and picture messages, and instant messaging (IM), and mobile to the e -mail. You can access to AT & T AppCenter, and also you can choose from the many applications of games and some applications to download files or documents.

Enabled for use on AT & T phone with a lightning quick HSPDA 3G network, you will easily access to the internet and can display a video with speed in downloading such as music, and many other advantages. In addition to these advantages, using the 3G network AT & T Smartphone, you can make a call simultaneously in receiving picture / text messaging and e-mail address or you can also see other Website pages. This type of GPS cell phones can also access services to AT & T Navigator to determine various directions such as turn-by-turn.

Other features found on the HTC Freestyle Phone (AT & T) is a camera with a capacity of 3.2-megapixel camera / camcorder, Bluetooth for use of the facility to run a hands-free devices and play a sound with stereo music streaming, a microSD expansion card with a memory capacity of up to 32 GB, has a music player which will be accessible to mobile AT & T Music and AT & T Radio, and a maximum power of up to 7 hours of time to talk.

For the next generation of some of the experiences gained from the popular mobile Sense HTC, HTC Freestyle will automatically give very much information you want through a wide screen. HTC Freestyle Phone (AT & T) offers many ways for you to stay connected or to continue to communicate with the outside world including FriendStream facilities, which can provide convenience on Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr updates the display features of consolidation. And you also will be able to define their own mobile sites that have been lost on a map, da [at sending some commands to make the sound on the phone reception with a warning - even at the time the mode of "silent" or occasional via the website website with the address. Then if you need us, you can also do long-distance contact to erase all existing data on the phone with only one command other than using call forwarding and sending simple text messages to another number.


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