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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Verizon Prepaid HTC Sensation Z710E Unlocked GSM Android Smartphone with 8 MP Camera, Wi-Fi and GPS - No Warranty - Black

HTC sensation is one of the multimedia superphone in the palm of your hand with a desire to comfort delicate unlike previous superphone? On-demand movies that look great with QHD display very astonishing, and this product gives a clear sound because it uses a Hi-Fi audio technology. HTC Sensation also includes some experience so profound that makes this phone easy to use and can be a top-level entertainers. The design is a premium, and comes with a contoured glass crawling, so it feels great in your hand.

Design and construction features premium aluminum unibody HTC Sensation to see and feel kesolidannya premiums. Contoured glass along the edges that are in all parts of the screen. Not only will you feel the greatness when you launch your ring finger on it, but also can protect your phone screen from dust and sand when faced down. QHD screen really is a wide screen, so as to present an exciting experience in watching movies without compromise first.

HTC Sensation strong performance could operate because it is supported by a fast processor with a capacity of burning dual-core 1.2 GHz. Application start up directly can switch smoothly. Dual-core performance truly come to turn your style when pushed to the limit phone, like when you're playing and listening to music, downloading e-mail address in the background, and surf to multiple sites of the most visually rich to all parts of the time the same time.

Use traditional trip to Hollywood with the HTC Sensation is a jewelry that can take you to a film that has never happened before and add to the experience of watching on HTC Watch, then offers several choices of surprises in the world of Hollywood blockbusters. You just made a choice to be able to start watching and watch some shows with just seconds to download. HTC Watch also has integrated so as to make the tabs on the network and your Internet connection and to make sure you get some of the viewing experience will not be disturbed.

Features of the HTC Sensation Z710E Android Unlocked GSM Smartphone:
  • Operating System that is used is to use System Android with HTC Sense Dimensional measuring 126.1mm (L) x 65.4mm (W) x 11.3mm (T) / 148g (Weight) Screen Size 4.3 inches with a maximum capacity of 8 Megapixel Camera Memory microSDHC cards.


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