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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Verizon Prepaid Cell Phones Samsung Duos GT-C3322

Hape global brand new series was heavily marketed LOW END Dual SIM Card type, is no exception Verizon Prepaid Cell Phones Samsung Duos GT-C3322. Apparently the success of an idea promoted by local brands, try to follow so that they still have high competitiveness.

Candy bar form slender characterize Verizon Prepaid Samsung Duos GT-C3322 is. Black-Silver color blend is made from plastic and metal gives a modern impression. The user interface is populated by a 2.2-inch 240X320 pixel density than the navigation keys and alphanumeric keypad box.

Key condition was comfortable and soft. Size and its distance was fairly easy to use by anyone. Moreover there is no other additional buttons on the side of the phone body, except the SIM card settings are located on the right. The rest just plugged Jack microUSB port and the audio size 3.5 mm.

Interface on the front page has a shortcut icon, notification, and the timepiece. Informative enough for an affordable phone with a relatively cheap price. On the menu page, the icons arranged in a grid with a relatively large size. Looks neat and can facilitate in a search.

Although prices are relatively cheap, but if the affair Applications Samsung is not stingy. On the contrary, Verizon Samsung Duos GT-C3322 is sufficient to support the existence of the users in cyberspace. Twitter and Facebook can be enjoyed disni, including the activities of chat in Yahoo Messenger, Palringo, and MSN.

Although not a direct application, but only a shortcut to the Mobile Web Apps Samsung but the presence of complementary content and applications are compatible.

Verizon Prepaid Phones Samsung Duos GT-C3322 is operated with a GSM SIM Card Dual system on. Users can choose to use one of the existing card, by pressing the button settings. Still, both cards are still in active state. If one card is active on a call, then the other cards that will automatically shut itself down or disabled and can not receive a call the other (MultiCall).

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  1. does it support java applications??
    games n all???
    if yes then please tell how to install them
    cz when ever i am installing java apps its showing jar invalid...:(