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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Verizon Accessories Case - Mate ID Credit Card Slim Case for iPhone 4, Pink

Case Partners of ID cards is convenience. Total Protection is the first case the contents of the back pocket wallet ID card to simplify the case iPhone4. With the clutch, bag, and it takes time for the smooth strip-slot ID, credit cards, key cards, business cards. Smooth, modern exterior is equipped with a hard shell. Experimental methods, and office all in one place you can easily convert it to a simple night out, credit card numbers.

Good design, beautiful condition and very suitable for mobile phones. Note, however, he said: "There are two credit card-sized objects in the competition." This does not mean that the two credit cards. Complete Thin, flat items (eg, Sim) is better. Credit / debit card, or digital prints, cards arise, too thick. I have a very tight package out famous for two tweezers. I do not need to carry ID cards and at least one credit card, not exactly what I was looking for.

This is a Big Idea, credit card and the iPhone seems to be a comfortable place. Good idea, poor implementation of the problem. These cases are made ​​of plastic is very easy to break and very thin. Easy, along with the Pap and pieces of bright silver lining. If the material is heavy, I give 5 stars.

Beautiful concept, credit cards and small iPhone4. However, only the front bumper of my pocket as a coating over the phone which is used and when paired feels loose. I was surprised how quickly begin to wear out and crack.


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