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Friday, December 09, 2011

Verizon LG Prime Prepaid GoPhone (AT and T) with $15 Airtime Credit

Slim and compact, fun and functional, the main LG helps you stay connected to your social networking contacts that you will and you can t, and Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter updates for all to view and manage social networking application that allows you to roam, including AT & T. He was a bright touchscreen display, and a 2 megapixel camera / camcorder to capture images and record video.

AT & T's GoPhone with pay - as - you - go to the service, all of the benefits you can get wireless without any of Surprises - no long-term contracts, credit checks or deposits there. Refill your minutes via prepaid cards you can make it easier for unused minutes or Internet, or you can choose to prepay each month and roll.

Per minute plan with unlimited talk and text messages are simple, daily and monthly plans - including a variety of projects can be selected to fit your personal needs. Refill the balance of the period, and before you can rollover your balance, you have a maximum in the account, it is possible to bring on the unused balance in your account.

Pay - as - you - go easy project for AT & T Wireless GoPhone plan, not just what you need before you pay. No contract for the long term, get credit checks or surprise bills - just for all wireless facilities, without any complications. In addition, AT & T rollover minutes before purchasing a balance of features you refill the balance of the period when the unused balance in your account allows.

Other features of the large GoPhone AT & T National Service for any distance or roaming fees across the updated balance after each call and the ability to track usage via text messages, 24 hours a day to fill the capacity of your minutes, 7 days a week included. You have 250 minutes for only $ 10 to about 50 countries (including Mexico and Canada landlines), you can choose to add the international long distance calls. You can cancel at any time without penalty.

Other features of the primary LG multi-format digital audio, an integrated FM radio, hands free devices and stereo music streaming for Bluetooth, microSD memory expansion (16 GB to) the mobile E-mail and instant messaging services, and ranks among the players up for a talk time of four hours of admission.


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