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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Verizon Prepaid Cell Phones Sungale ID702WTA Cyberus Android Tablet

Sungale ID702WTA Cyberus 7-inch Android tablet is a latest mobile phone that offers a big screen with a resolution of 800x480 pixels sized to provide a variety of entertainment in your life you like a speaker or audio, video chat, photos / pictures and read some books electronically.

Sungale ID702WTA Cyberus Multi-touch screen is designed with a resistive panels that can give you some sense of when the buttons are capacitive touch panel. Standard Operating System used is Android 2.2 so it can support Flash Video with a capacity of 10.1, features compatible with all online applications from Google as the browser, a map, a video to Youtube and make contact through social networks like Facebook, Twitter and many more the others.

Technical Details for Sungale ID702WTA Cyberus Use Android Tablet:
  • Have Standard Operating Android 2.2; Hi-resolution large screen display size of 800x480 pixels;
  • Compatible equipped with a Google map, a tool explorer / browser; Many video chat / high quality audio from the funs of different applications; Supported by social networking media such as YouTube, Facebook media, media Twitter, email and so forth;
  • Multi-touch resistive screen is easily touched:
  • Applications can take tons of Internet network
  • Built-in speaker and earphone audio output; external memory expansion up to 32GB capacity with a MiniSD card


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