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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Kensington 2nd Generation KeyFolio Bluetooth Keyboard Accessory Case for Apple iPad

The Kensington KeyFolio not only Protects your iPad When You on the road of but also provides a handy wireless Bluetooth your keyboard and the handsfree booth When you Reach initiative your destinations. The rubberized keys were the resource persons specially designed to cushion your iPad the screens from bumps and scratches When You of The folio is not the closed. Of The magnetic-free download cases ensures uninterrupted operations of the iPad's digitally compasses.

Of The Kensington Bluetooth KeyFolio your your keyboard cases is not not easy to set-up with rubberized tactile keys and a spill-proof. Protects Of The durable cases of Of The edges of your iPad the from of The wear and scratches and includes a camera opening for FaceTime use. An adjustable booth offers multiple positions for viewing in landscape mode and the compact, lightweight design is not not optimized for travel.

Excess or reliability of the Kensington Bluetooth KeyFolio 2nd Generation
  • Provide Reliable Protection
KeyFolio offers solid protection with a synthetic leather cover that last a long time will protect your iPad in style. This tactile rubberized keys spill-proof and also protects your iPad screen from scratches when it is closed.
  • Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard
A Bluetooth your keyboard built into the KeyFolio provides wireless operation and includes iPad the-specific buttons for convenient navigation between applications and the Main screen your iPad.
  • Ease of Access
This case provides easy access to all ports that control the iPad the and 30-pin connector. An opening that allows the camera to use FaceTime without removing the iPad the from the cases. Holder can be adjusted to safely hold your iPad while in landscape mode.
  • Guarantee or Warranty
Bluetooth devices KeyFolio Keyboard Case is backed by Kensington which has a warranty for 2 years.

Specifications of the Kensington Bluetooth KeyFolio 2nd Generation
  1. Bluetooth: 2.0 V standard
  2. Battery Capacity: 430 mAh Minimum
  3. Battery Life: 90 hours
  4. Charging time: up to 4.5 hours
  5. Hopes Battery Life: 3 years
  6. Standby Time: 100 days
Technical Details and Features 2nd Generation KeyFolio Kensington Bluetooth Keyboard
  • Case can last a long time because it is made of a Synthetic Leather and look slimmer without using extra large Flaps in front of the keyboard.
  • Provides full access to all controls and ports iPad the camera, and contain NO magnets.
  • Red Rubber key spill - proof and also protects the screen from scratches iPad the when closed.
  • Keyboard Bluetooth provides wireless operation and also include special keys iPad.
  • Keyboard, USB connector and the on / off which is more durable when compared with non-Kensington is not KeyFolio iPad.
  • The model cases is suitable for the Apple iPad the 2nd Generation WiFi / 3G 2 Model 16GB, 32GB, 64GB MODEL & NEW Apple iPad the for an ORIGINAL OLD MODEL
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