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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Verizon Prepaid Motorola 89501N PHOTON 4G HD Station Smartphone

Expanding the use of your mobile experience even further by using the HD stations for Motorola smartphones PHOTON. With a standard HDMI port and room for up to three USB devices, then you will be able to watch your phone to do more things on a bigger screen. Once docked, you'll be able to access applications and webtop Collection other smart mode.

This smartphone is part of the latest Productivity Series, Motorola PHOTON 4G HD Station that allows you to be able to watch your phone to do more things on a screen larger than before. HD stations have been built or designed in 3-port USB connectors for computer devices, 3.5m audio jack to plug in and turn on your favorite speakers, and HDMI.

Together with ESP technology, you can decide which applications and shortcuts to remain on your phone home screen and dock remember it. Combined with your phone, this dock has an additional meaning and it will automatically show good for your entertainment media, the webtop application for browsing the Internet or a clock widget by using your calendar.

Once you are in and anchored, you can directly online by using some webtop application as you would with a regular laptop or desktop computer office. Firefox browser and is accompanied by a full Adobe Flash Player can give you a web browsing experience the full computer. You can just connect multiple USB devices - such as pairing a keyboard and mouse - and you will feel it has become more productive.

Plug in or insert your favorite speakers via 3.5mm audio jack that size. Then you can also listen to your songs, use of video chat or take calls hands-free.

Capture the moment, and then you just watch and share on the big screen using HDMI technology is already integrated with the way your phone connects to your HDTV with a standard HDMI cable (included). You can watch from the couch where you sit and just control your phone using the included wireless remote.

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